MAD in the City Info

MAD in the City is just around the corner. We are so looking forward to our time together and with the students at Wesley House! Check out the packing list and general schedule below.
A couple of things to take note of…
  • If you have to leave MAD in the City for any time during the week, please contact Jenny and let her know in advance. We would really prefer if you would stay the whole time to get the full experience!
  • If you are bringing a friend, it is really important that they come with our Annual Release form. Click here to get the link.
  • When you arrive at Church Street on Sunday morning (you can still attend worship with your family as usual!), guys can drop off your gear upstairs in the Kay room and girls can drop off yours in the youth area Sunday School rooms.
  • There will be a long table for your snacks across from the kitchen in the Youth Area.
  • Please check the weather before packing – you will probably need a rain jacket.
  • We are not going to a family home for our Lake Day this year. Instead, we are going to The Cove in Farragut! There are lots of fun things to do, but keep in mind that there might be other folks there, too.
  • If you have yard games you love (corn hole, Kan jam, etc) feel free to bring them! We can use them at our Lake Day and in World’s Fair Park.
  • We have limited floor space available since our group is growing so much – which is a great problem to have! But that poses a problem for sleeping. If you bring an air mattress, please bring a twin or if you bring a queen, plan to share with a friend.
Keep in mind…
The goal of MAD in the City is to Make A Difference next week. Our hope is to love and serve the students and staff at the Wesley House to the best of our ability. This requires us to pay attention, to remain flexible, and to work together.
I ask that you spend a little bit of time in prayer before Sunday. Ask the questions, “God, what do you have for me to do this week?” We will talk about this more on Sunday, but taking time to meditate and be still on the front end will help us be ready for all that is in store.
If you have any questions, please let me know!
Grace and peace,
P.S. If you are interested in offering a prayer or devotion this week, let me know!
P.P.S. Parents – if you want to help with our meal on Tuesday night, here is the sign-up link!

MAD Packing List + Schedule


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