REZ20: everything you need to know

Please note arrival time on Friday has been bumped to 5:30 to accommodate schedules and (hopefully) help everyone! 

Packing List

  • Bible
  • warm clothes (check the weather before you pack!!)
  • jacket
  • pajamas
  • shoes (good for walking)
  • towel They actually have bathtowels & washcloths provided!
  • toiletries
  • your own pillow (some of us will be on futons or air mattresses)
  • swim suit (there are hot tubs & a pool at the cabin)
  • beach towel if you plan to swim or get in the hot tub
  • rain jacket
  • water bottle
  • meal money (1 meal out)
  • spending money (for free time or a REZ19 t-shirt)
  • snack to share
    • 6th-7th Grade – sweet snack
    • 8th-9th Grade – salty snack
    • 10th-12th Grade – bottles of water (8 oz)


When you arrive at Church Street on Friday, please do the following things:

  • load your luggage on the trailer
  • keep any “carry on” items with you and take them in the vans (backpacks, purses, pillows, etc) in the 11th-12th grade room – this room is on your right BEFORE you enter the interior youth area doors – please be sure to keep all your stuff together
  • check in and turn in any forms or payments
  • put your snack or water in the worship room by the stage
  • grab dinner from the kitchen


To learn more about the Resurrection event schedule, please click here.  We are Session B (which makes for late nights).  The schedule below includes travel on Friday & Sunday.

5:30 Arrive at Church Street in the Youth Department (Chick-fil-a dinner is provided)
6:00 Meeting with students
6:15 Depart for Pigeon Forge
9:00 Session I

11:00 Session IV
1:30 Depart from Pigeon Forge (lunches on the road – packed that morning)
2:30-3:00 Arrive at Church Street

Please click here to sign up for our REZ20 group text for extra info over the weekend regarding travel and other details.


We are going to the King of the Mountain Lodge!  Your rooms have been assigned in advance.  It’s going to be so fun to all be together again!  Some folks may be on an air mattress or futon, so please bring your own pillow!

Free Time

For those of you who have been to Resurrection before, we are doing free time a little differently.  You will have two options on Saturday between the second session and dinner time.  They are:

  1. Return to the cabin.
  2. Go to The Island.
  3. Go to the Tanger Outlets.

You will sign up for which activity you would like to be apart of on Friday before bed.  I have provided links to each place to help you make your decision.  Remember, the Island & Outlets most likely require extra money.


We will talk about these more on Friday, but please keep these guidelines in mind for the weekend.

  • You will travel in the same van all weekend.  No switching around. (This excludes travel to and from free time, which might require a shift due to which activity you choose.)
  • The chaperone who checks your room at night will also be your chaperones in the Convention Center.
  • You must stay in groups of 3 at all times.  If I see you walking alone at any time, you will have to go home.  I know this sounds harsh, but we have to remain safe and remain together.
  • There is a Starbucks kiosk at the Convention Center.  We will not be using it.  The lines are too long and you miss part of the session when you get in line.  There will be coffee at the cabin if you are wanting some.
  • Your rooms in the cabin will be assigned.
  • There is a movie room in the cabin.  You can bring movies to watch remembering:
    • they must be G or PG rated
    • lights out still means lights out – even if it isn’t done
    • movies will be voted on by the majority planning to watch – democracy, people


6th-7th Grade – Unloading food at the Cabin
8th-10th Grade – Unloading luggage at the Cabin
11th-12th Grade – Loading food at Church Street, Distributing REZ18 passes at the Cabin

6th-7th Grade – Breakfast Set Up & Clean Up
10th-12th Grade – Dinner Set Up & Clean Up

8th & 9th Grade – Breakfast/Lunch Prep Set Up & Clean Up
10th-12th Grade – Loading luggage at the Cabin
6th-7th Grade – Unloading luggage at Church Street

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