Student Surveys (Summer + Seniors)

Fun fact: alliteration is one of my favorite literary tools, and the title of this post just happened to work out like that. It’s the little things.

We have two surveys available for students today.  The first is for all youth – it is about summer programming.  The second is for graduating seniors – it is about Senior Sunday.

Summer Survey

We can all agree that this summer is not looking the way we expected.  As churches continue to remain closed and reopening slowly moves through phases, we have to shift the way we operate.  We want to serve you and provide what you need during this season.  So, please take some time to give us some feedback and help us plan for the next couple of months.

Summer Survey

Summer Events

Operation Backyard – We were originally scheduled for June 5-6, but we will have to postpone that project at this time.  There is going to be a higher than normal need in the area because lots of teams have had to cancel or change their plans.  Our hope is to consider a project with OBY sometime this fall if we are cleared to do so.

MAD in the City – We are currently scheduled for July 12-15, but there are a lot of factors that will inform if we get to move forward as usual with this project.  The decision about MAD will be made and announced after Knox County has moved on to Phase II of reopening.  This decision will include Church Street staff, Wesley House staff, and medical recommendations.

Other Events – Other events such as rafting and the Smokies game are to be determined.  We can’t go to a Smokies game if they aren’t playing baseball!  Please keep your eyes peeled for more information about these over the summer.

Senior Survey

This has been a bizarre way to wrap up your high school career.  For that, I am so sorry.  I know it has been such a challenge to complete your work, study for exams, and have to miss out on so many of the important “lasts” that haven’t happened.  We all love you and want to celebrate you!  This starts with Senior Sunday as well as being honored in the Messenger.  Please fill out the survey below to give us the information we need!

Senior Survey

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