Sunday School & Confirmation

Sunday School

An important aspect of Educational Ministry for Church Street Youth is our Sunday School time on Sunday mornings.  It allows us to meet together as a whole group each week.  Using a specific curriculum rotation, Sunday School provides a holistic Christian education throughout a student’s time in Youth Ministry.  Each group is lead by a team of volunteer teachers who work together to minister to our youth for an entire school year.  Sunday School meets each week between worship services.  We begin with fellowship and a brief assembly time starting at 9:40.  We split up for classes from 10:00-10:40.  Other than 6th graders (who are in Confirmation), grade levels are paired for Sunday School: 7th & 8th grade, 9th & 10th grade, 11th & 12th grade.  This is a great way for students to become engaged with the other youth in their age group!



Confirmation class meets during the school year and prepares students for Confirmation in the Methodist Church.  This class teaches students about the history of our Christian heritage as well as the specific beliefs of our denomination.  Confirmation is an opportunity for students to begin claiming their faith as their own and is an important part of spiritual growth.


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