Student Ministry Teams

We are trying something new this year and want to give students the opportunity to use their gifts and talents while supporting youth ministry.  Therefore, we are introducing Student Ministry Teams. These will be groups of students who will work together on a specific task that will specifically serve an aspect of our programming.

Design – The design team will focus on the big ideas of youth ministry.  This group will help us cast a vision for our new youth area space as well as work together to create the physical design of t-shirts and other graphics.  

Hospitality – The hospitality team will be the face of youth ministry.  These students serve as the welcome crew on Sunday mornings & evenings, write “miss you” postcards to peers they miss seeing, and provide a touchpoint for visitors.

Photography – The photography team will help us envision the legacy of youth ministry.  This group will be responsible for photographing all of our retreats and special events, as well as the regular activities of our program.

Social Media – The social media team will help us celebrate youth ministry.  These students will document our retreats, highlight special events, organize online countdowns, and share with others the things happening in our program.

Writing – The writing team will seek to share the heart of youth ministry.  This group will provide blog posts, craft articles for the Messenger and the Mountain, and collect quotes from other youth about their experiences.

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